Still My Mélaine

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Melaine

Mélaine had a good day today. She was very awake with the day people.

When I got there after a busy day she was watching Gene Simmon’s reality show Family Jewels. She and Ann said he is quite bright and they love the show… my wife is cool. Rock and Roll baby!

On my way out Mélaine said give me a hug… it was the 1st time I had really had her want to hug me in a long time… it felt nice. She then patted my shirt and said “nice shirt… make sure you put on a clean one tomorrow”. In case you are wondering I do every day of course.

She is still my Mélaine.


  1. Catherine says:

    That made me laugh. Mélu is the tidiest and most fastidious person I know

    I remember habitually leaving all my clothes in a heap on the floor in our dorm, then Mélaine would fold them all up and put them on the end of my bed. Whilst I was asleep, I’d kick them all off in the night. We went through the same routine every night for about 3 weeks until she gave up on me.

    PS We were SEVEN! Also, the first time we met she was crying because she had been POLISHING HER SHOES (!!!! aged 7 folks) and had spilt the polish on the carpet. I vividly remember telling her not to worry about crying, because I didn’t know about her, but I didn’t plan to stay around long! Who was the normal one Melu?!! Actually, I’m not sure either of us have ever been totally normal.

    Every time anyone says they are a Virgo, I still always think of her with a smile and think, ‘ahh, one of those…’ I know I always will.



  2. deborahgeary says:

    When My husband asked who was at school with Melaine I said ‘Catherine Hodgens was a great friend’ and here you all are years later loving and supporting each other. We remember so fondly Matron’s tidiest girl ever, her sunny nature and wonderful smile. It was great to see you a while back Melaine. You were always a star and are an inspiration to us all.
    We are thinking of you and all your family.

    Debbie and Mike

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