Pool day

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Jay

Jay at the pool. We finally made it to the pool. They told us they would only let residents and friends of residents in. I asked for a special favor and the man behind the desk said I was staying with him, wink wink. Very cool. Jay is having a blast and days he is very very very cold.

  1. Cheryl Larson says:

    Hi Keith,
    I just found your blog and the wonderful pictures of Jay-I am smiling ear-ear as I look at his happy face. Truly I will miss being his teacher this fall, but I plan to go to his room often and check on my “little man”. Prayers are coming your way, take peace in God’s comfort. Cheryl Larson

  2. Luke says:

    Man, wrap a kid in a towel and no matter how old they are they look like a baby again. We were at the lake last weekend and when nev got all wrapped up in her Little Mermaid towel it was all I could do to keep from trying to rock her to sleep and fix her a bottle. You hate to see them get cold but it’s so cute to watch them warm up. 🙂

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