Mélaine’s condition

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Melaine, travel

Mélaine today is less responsive. We asked the Doctors to do another check on her cancer and body and they came back with the same results. They said there are two options one is to keep her in the hospital comfortable but in the “hospital” and the other it to take her home.

After discussing this with everyone here I came to find out that we were all in agreement. So we are taking Mélaine home. If all goes as planned she should be home on Monday or Tuesday. We plan on transporting her in and ambulance to Fort Wayne. We will have hospice care there with all of her pain meds, oxygen, a hospital bed and a nurse. She will be in the back tele room with all of the beautiful light from the surrounding windows. It is also the room with the best air-conditioning.

  1. Louise SS says:

    I am so glad she’s going back to Fort Wayne. I’ve been so sad to think of her in hospital, even though it’s been necessary, and it makes me very happy to know she is going somewhere more comfortable.

    As ever, sending as much love as is possible to you and your wonderful Jay.

    Louise xxxx

  2. marie schreiber says:

    Better for everyone! Jay can be with his school friends, Keith can get some work in and only be 10 minutes away, and family will be with her, too! May the move go smoothly.
    Blessings and Love to all,
    Mom and Dad in Colorado

  3. Renee says:

    This is wonderful news, Keith – I am so glad that she and you and the whole family is going to have the benefit of being at home and the care of hospice. In our experience, hospice caregivers really have a way of making the process natural and peaceful. Love and peace to you all.

  4. Melanie says:

    We’re waiting with open arms. Peace and faith to all of you.


  5. Luke says:

    Come on back to the fort…it misses you.

  6. Gita Vamadevan says:

    Dear Keith

    I am so glad that you are bringing Melaine home….I am sure she will be happy at home…

    Any help you need , please let us know…I can not wait to see my dear friend Melaine….

    Have a safe trip back to Fort Wayne
    Lots of love to all… and a big hug to Melaine.
    God Bless

  7. Helen Walker says:

    Well as we all know there is no place like home – the photo of your back room looks a wonderful place to rest and just ‘be’. Lots of love, as ever, to you all.

  8. Mark Farrand says:

    Really pleased that Mélaine’s going to Fort Wayne. Hospitals can be such impersonal places, and home with the family has to be the best option.

    Thinking of you all


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