We had a good day today Papa

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Jay, Keith, Music

Jay gives me daily updates about how we are doing.

He lets me know if we are having a good day. 

It is usually based on his fun level… as it should be.

Today we did nothing much about Boy fun instead we shopped for food and gassed the car. I actually took it upon myself to cook all of our meals… Mélaine is impressed.

I have planned out the meals for the week and have washed the clothes, picked up a dead mouse that had been dead for a while, Yuk! I cleaned cat puke off of my nicest piece of furniture and washed the covers.

And ordered new carpet for the bedrooms. Something I always wanted but Mélaine never really did.

We had a happy dance today that was amazing. Turns out my emotions happy and sad come out together, so as I was happy dancing I was also really crying hard. I am now calling this grieve dancing. If you are going to cry you might as well dance about it.

Love to all 


PS I wrote a really pissed off song on the plane yesterday, I have only shared it with one person so far… it seemed to be an angry moment… moving into a new phase?


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