Parties are great!

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Family, Friends, Jay

Jay and I were invited to celebrate Memorial day at Julians house. His Mom Rie and dad Rick have a lovely place out in Aboite. It is a beautiful house on lovely property with a lake and trampoline, and beach. We had a blast. I got in the lake with some coxing and floted around for a while. Rick and I talked about air airplanes and frogs… nice easy talking subjects. I was really able to relax. Rie looked after Jay and Julian. She is amazing and really loves Jay. I am so grateful to be able to relax with them.

While Jay was sitting at the table with Rie and her Mom Jay started talking about his year and his Mummy… his words were, “My Mummy got sick, her blood was bad, she stayed in the hospital for a long time, the docters tried to fight it and she tried to fight it but the couldn’t win and she died. Me and Papa are sad and thats OK.”

Amazing kid! I love him so much. He is the love of my life.

He is doing great at both schools. He said on his first day back, “I am so excited to be back at Canterbury!”

Both Mrs, W and Mrs Brown are great teachers. 

Work is fine, I am getting back into the swing of it. Just when I get my stride, I have to stop and make or take a phone call about Lawyers or Insurance or bills. 

We will get through it.

Here is a pic of the new carpet and the Party. Nice on the toes!

Love to all.


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