Tire Swing, Tractor, River, and Tent… oh yes how fun…

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Friends, Jay, Pictures

Jay had a great weekend. My most amazing and talented friends Ben and Marci, invited Jay over for a sleep over. It was my first opportunity to breath in months. I have not had a moment to myself.

It was Jay’s first sleepover. When I asked him it he wanted to do a sleepover he said “no… well, would I be able to take my stuffed animals?”. I said yes, and he said, “oh, I am very excited about my first sleep over. Can I ride the tractor?” I am sure you can I said. 

They have a beautiful house and property that backs on to the local river. There are deer and possum and all kinds of furry creatures.

Micah is their beautiful boy and a lovely kid. Jay and he got along really well. They played and played and then after a long great day they slept in a tent in Micah’s room.

Here are some pics that Ben and Marci took.

Love to all…


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