$1000 dollar Poo, and a Panic attack.

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Family, Jay, Keith, Melaine, Pictures

Today, on Jay’s actual birthday, Feb 9th I came home to a boy who was not well. He was holding his side and said his tummy hurt. We were supposed to go to Bob Evan’s for pancakes, but instead we went to ER. I am a bit jumpy when it comes to Jay being sick. But I have never been wrong when I do need to take him. Jay was in agony, and of course we went to the RediMed 1st. The doctor there was great. He told us that Jay’s tummy was distended and we needed to have a picture taken.

So then we went to the Lutheran Hospital, the same hospital Mélaine was in before we went to Cleveland.. Now I have never really liked to be in hospitals, but I am not freaked out about them. And I have been back there before this because Jay has his Pediatrician visits there.

But when we got to the ER it was a bit too familiar. This was the place that we took Mélaine when she 1st had her horrific pains and started on the pain meds and took the 1st ambulance ride. So I was doing OK. And was really telling myself it is cool… not panicking at all.

Then they took Jay and I back into the rooms and they fricken put us in the exact bed that Mélaine was in that night when the whole real mess began… It was just a bit to much… He needed me and so I rubbed his tummy and started my breathing exercise that I have learned to calm down. But after being alone for 1/2 hour literally lying in the bed that she laid in I freaked… I called the nurse but instead of asking for her, I asked it the would get my Mom… a 40 year old man asking for his Mom. she said she would get her and another 20 minutes went by.

So I finally got up and told Jay I would be right back. Not wanting to leave a 5 year old in a bed by himself, I ran out of the emergency room to the waiting room and said rather calmly, “Mom do you want to come in to the room”?

Yes it is nice to have your Mom around even if you are 40. 

So she came in and sat and then I escaped to the cafeteria to get some food for us. When I got back I was a bit calmed down. They drew blood from Jay and he Cried… and the took an X-ray of his tummy and then told us he was… constipated… a boy who eats cucumber, broccoli, strawberries, has soy milk, and loves apples and grapes… So what is the deal?

So we got him some laxative and came home and he said…”Papa, I have to poo”.


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