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Alabama is great!

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Family, Jay, Keith, Pictures

We have had a wonderful time visiting Mammie and Jerry. An amazing trip to the Space and Rocket museum where they had the Star Wars exhibit on and a great day at the Barber race track in Leeds Alabama.

I am rebuilding a 2000 Miata that needs an engine. The guy I bought the engine from races Miatas and RX8s. So I went down with Ann and Jay to watch the race. Amazing track.


In loving memory.

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Family, Keith, Melaine, Pictures

It has been a year since Mélaine died. What an incredible year. I have been through depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, hopelessness and helplessness, and beat it all. Counseling, Friends and Family, medications, exercise, diet, a break from work and God have brought me through it.

I have chosen not to remember her on this date but on her birthday. That was the day that the world was a bit happier, a bit brighter. But of course I must say something on this date.

As I said in her memorial, I am getting on with my life as Mélaine wanted me too.

I hope you are all doing well and the day is not too hard for you.

Love to My family, Luc and Claire, Ann and Jerry, Peter and Avril, Mom and Dad, Wendy and Alan, all Cousins Nephews and future lumps, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents, Friends and family and Blog-watchers everywhere.

Say hello to let me know you are still there.


Posted: April 21, 2009 in Family, Jay, Keith, Pictures

Easter was great! 

We went down to Ann and Jerry’s 

I will post a video soon.

Hope you are all well

Today, on Jay’s actual birthday, Feb 9th I came home to a boy who was not well. He was holding his side and said his tummy hurt. We were supposed to go to Bob Evan’s for pancakes, but instead we went to ER. I am a bit jumpy when it comes to Jay being sick. But I have never been wrong when I do need to take him. Jay was in agony, and of course we went to the RediMed 1st. The doctor there was great. He told us that Jay’s tummy was distended and we needed to have a picture taken.

So then we went to the Lutheran Hospital, the same hospital Mélaine was in before we went to Cleveland.. Now I have never really liked to be in hospitals, but I am not freaked out about them. And I have been back there before this because Jay has his Pediatrician visits there.

But when we got to the ER it was a bit too familiar. This was the place that we took Mélaine when she 1st had her horrific pains and started on the pain meds and took the 1st ambulance ride. So I was doing OK. And was really telling myself it is cool… not panicking at all.

Then they took Jay and I back into the rooms and they fricken put us in the exact bed that Mélaine was in that night when the whole real mess began… It was just a bit to much… He needed me and so I rubbed his tummy and started my breathing exercise that I have learned to calm down. But after being alone for 1/2 hour literally lying in the bed that she laid in I freaked… I called the nurse but instead of asking for her, I asked it the would get my Mom… a 40 year old man asking for his Mom. she said she would get her and another 20 minutes went by.

So I finally got up and told Jay I would be right back. Not wanting to leave a 5 year old in a bed by himself, I ran out of the emergency room to the waiting room and said rather calmly, “Mom do you want to come in to the room”?

Yes it is nice to have your Mom around even if you are 40. 

So she came in and sat and then I escaped to the cafeteria to get some food for us. When I got back I was a bit calmed down. They drew blood from Jay and he Cried… and the took an X-ray of his tummy and then told us he was… constipated… a boy who eats cucumber, broccoli, strawberries, has soy milk, and loves apples and grapes… So what is the deal?

So we got him some laxative and came home and he said…”Papa, I have to poo”.

The Love Will Never Go Away

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Family, Jay, Melaine

Mélaine always told me that Dandelions turned into puff balls. I never thought she was right.

Luc sent Mélaine’s Urn box back to us today. Jay and I went to pick it up. At the scattering, before we scattered Mélaine’s ashes Jay wanted to see what Mummy’s ashes looked like. We opened the box and Jay took a look inside. Not knowing what to expect from him, his reaction was to start picking Dandelions “for Mummy” and put them in the her box. It was overwhelming but beautiful. 

When the box showed up we unwrapped it and opened it up. The flowers were in side but they had turned into puffballs, the kind that every kid loves to blow, and so Jay blew them and they went all over us the car everything. It was really cool and important. So instead of getting mad I just started laughing.

We called Luc to say thanks and let him know that her box had arrived. Jay said, “If the flowers were gone, the love would go away, but since the flowers were in the box, the love will never go away… Tears… These pictures are of where we scattered her ashes. The one of Jay and I is just in front where we scattered her.

Jay is coping well.

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Family, Jay, Pictures

The other day, I was making a berocca for Jay and I to share. It is a fizzy vitamin drink. i told Jay we could share. I put the tablet in my glass and Jay said, “Cut it in 1/2, that is what mummy used to do, Mummy would cut it in 1/2 and put 1/2 in her cup and 1/2 in my cup”. I told him, “let’s do it Mummy’s way…” He said “cool”.

Parties are great!

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Family, Friends, Jay

Jay and I were invited to celebrate Memorial day at Julians house. His Mom Rie and dad Rick have a lovely place out in Aboite. It is a beautiful house on lovely property with a lake and trampoline, and beach. We had a blast. I got in the lake with some coxing and floted around for a while. Rick and I talked about air airplanes and frogs… nice easy talking subjects. I was really able to relax. Rie looked after Jay and Julian. She is amazing and really loves Jay. I am so grateful to be able to relax with them.

While Jay was sitting at the table with Rie and her Mom Jay started talking about his year and his Mummy… his words were, “My Mummy got sick, her blood was bad, she stayed in the hospital for a long time, the docters tried to fight it and she tried to fight it but the couldn’t win and she died. Me and Papa are sad and thats OK.”

Amazing kid! I love him so much. He is the love of my life.

He is doing great at both schools. He said on his first day back, “I am so excited to be back at Canterbury!”

Both Mrs, W and Mrs Brown are great teachers. 

Work is fine, I am getting back into the swing of it. Just when I get my stride, I have to stop and make or take a phone call about Lawyers or Insurance or bills. 

We will get through it.

Here is a pic of the new carpet and the Party. Nice on the toes!

Love to all.